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Emirates ID Photo, Requirements, Size, Change and Sample

The Emirates ID has grown increasingly important to both foreign residents and Emirati nationals since it is integrated with their proof of identity. In accordance with the regulations set forth by the authorities, proper photo identification must be submitted in order to obtain an Emirates ID card.

Emirates ID Photo

For many identity documents, such as UAE passports and Emirates ID photos are an essential component. Add a photo so that the identification of the person presenting the document may be verified visually.

Emirates ID Photo Requirements

Online identity systems need to accept your photo in accordance with these requirements:

  • Pictures have to be color, recent, excellent quality, and no more than six months old.
  • 35–40mm image dimensions are required.
  • A white backdrop is required for images.
  • Expressions must be neutral and restrained.
  • The position must be tilt-free and parallel to the photography lens.
  • With your eyes open and free of colored lenses, face the camera.
  • As long as they don’t reflect light or impair vision, glasses are acceptable.
  • For UAE citizens, attire must adhere to the official dress code.
  • It is acceptable to cover one’s head in accordance with one’s religious or national attire.
  • A 600 dpi image resolution is required, with no shrinkage or ink traces.
  • It is not permissible to edit or modify any photographs using image editing software.

Emirates ID Photo Requirements PDF

The size, dimensions, backdrop, and other requirements are detailed in the Emirates ID Photo Requirements PDF. You can download the Emirates ID photo requirements from the ICA website.

Emirates ID Photo Size

The uploaded photo needs to be 40 mm height by 35 mm width. Regarding the most recent development, kindly be advised that photographs altered with digital software will not be approved, according to the authorities.

Emirates ID Photo Check

Once you upload the picture, if it adheres to all the above-given guidelines, it will be accepted by the system. You will have to re-upload it if it is rejected.

Emirates ID Photo Change

Changing the photo on your UAE identity card is simple if you know the right steps to take. At any time, while your ID card is still valid, you can ask to have the photo on it altered.

Use the steps listed below to update the photo on your Emirates ID:

  • Bring your original passport and Emirates ID card to the customer service center of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICP).
  • Verify that the replacement photo is accessible. The background of passport photos should be white.
  • Complete the application for altering information and send it in with the necessary paperwork.
  • For Emirates ID cards with updated data, there is an application cost that needs to be paid. The amount is AED 150, which includes AED 40 in service charges.
  • Verify biometrics, such as photos and fingerprints.
  • After completing your application, you will receive an SMS informing you when your revised Emirates ID is available for pickup (typically within 48 hours).
  • Your revised ID card is available for pickup at the post office listed in the SMS.

Emirates ID Photo Sample

The Emirates ID photo is a passport-sized image that must adhere to specific standards to ensure accuracy and reliability in identification processes.

Emirates ID Photo Size Online Free

You only need to submit one photo with your UAE ID card online 35×45 mm icp.gov.ae application. Then, you should make sure it is of good quality and meets all their specifications.

Emirates ID Photo Maker Online

  • Snap a photo of yourself. Using PhotoGov.com, take a picture of yourself.
  • You can upload your photo to PhotoGov AI. Our site will then process your image.
  • Receive your passport photo. You can now download your ID photo.

Emirates ID Photo Rejected

If your Emirates ID photo does not match the standards, it will say, “Embedded ID photo rejected.” In this case, you will need to upload a new image that satisfies the specifications mentioned in this article. Examine the rules carefully to make sure your updated photo satisfies all the requirements.

In order to guarantee the security and precision of the identification procedure, as well as to preserve consistency and uniformity, Emirates ID photo requirements are essential.


The Emirates ID is a vital document for both UAE residents and foreign citizens living abroad, acting as a single, unified evidence of residency. In order to obtain this important card, you must submit a photo that complies fully with the requirements set forth by the authorities in order to facilitate processing and verification. Accurate identification and smooth transactions depend on compliance with Emirates ID photo criteria.


You should use a passport photo with a white background.

If you don’t like the picture on your Emirates ID card, you can swap it before it expires. It is possible to modify your ID card photo during the validity or update process (but there is a fee).

Photo size, tool, and requirements for UAE ID cards.

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