UAE Overstay Fine Check And Pay Online

UAE Overstay Fine Check And Pay Online

UAE Overstay Fine Check And Pay Online. Those who overstay their visas in the United Arab Emirates face fines. You should be informed of the possible penalties and how to find out if you owe any overstay fees if you are presently in the UAE or want to visit. This article’s goal is to give readers information on how to look for and pay overstay fines in the United Arab Emirates.

UAE Fine – Latest News And Updates

Authorities in the United Arab Emirates have declared that visitors to Dubai with a visitation visa would not be given a grace period after their visas expire.

As a result, they have to leave before the date on their visas, which corresponds to the end of their stay. Failure to abide by this rule will result in an overstay fine, which must be paid before a person is granted exit permission.

UAE Overstay fine

You will have to pay an overstay charge based on the number of days you remain in the UAE after your visa for the country expires and your grace period ends. The daily overstay fine is AED 50. The UAE government will give you six months’ notice before cancelling your visa so you can either leave the nation or reapply.

Those who overstay their visa are required to get a Dubai/UAE exit permit in addition to paying a fee. For a price of up to AED 300, out passes, which are basically exit permits, enable holders to leave the United Arab Emirates.

UAE Overstay Fine Check

To check your UAE overstay fine, follow the steps below:

ICP website

  1. Go to the ICP website.
  2. Select “Public Services”.
  4. Please fill out all the required information.
  5. Click on “Search” after checking the captcha box.

Details of the overstay fine should be displayed.

GDRFA website

  • Go to the GDRFA website
  • Choose a file type from the dropdown menu
  1. Resident
  2. Permit
  • Please provide the requested information
  • For captcha verification, solve the simple math equation
  • Click on the “Submit” button

You should be able to view the details of your overstay fine.

UAE overstay fine payment

There’s an online option to pay your overstay fine offered by the ICA. All you need to do is take these actions:

Go to the ICA website.
In the lower right corner, select the virtual assistant.

  • Pick “Apply for Services” from the drop-down menu.
  • Select “Pay Fine” or enter the service number.
  • Put in the unified number.
  • Enter the format MM/DD/YYYY for your birthdate.
  • Details of your infraction, any fines, and a link to make payment will be shown. To make a payment, click the link.
  • After reviewing the data, click Next to proceed to the service submission screen.
  • To complete, click “pay.”
  • If the payment is successful, an ICA notification with your transaction number will be sent.

UAE overstay fine waiver

If a visa holder stays longer than allowed or does not renew their visa within the grace period, the UAE government may impose fines. People who are inadvertently overstaying their visas because of unanticipated events may have their cases reviewed by the UAE government.

The requirements for applying for a fine waiver are as follows. Your appeal will ultimately be approved or denied by the GDRFA.

UAE Visa Fine Waiver Application Documents

Mandatory documents

  • A copy of the sponsor’s Emirates ID and passport visa
  • Passport and visa of the applicant
  • Copy of visa (file number) with fines
  • E-visa approved recently (to apply for a change of status)
  • Cancellation paper (in case of UAE exit)
  • Exemption letter or NOC/ Petition letter (Arabic) requesting a reduction in fines
  • For fine-reduction applications, the GDRFA UID number is required.

Supporting documents

Judicial or Legal causes

  • Sponsor company’s petition letter
  • In the event that the passport is retained or confiscated, a letter is required from the court or police to the relevant authorities.

Health causes

  • Letter of petition from company, sponsor, or applicant
  • Medical report in Arabic, issued by the Health Authority or Health Ministry, indicating the date of entry and exit from the hospital.

Personal Sponsorship (Family)

  • Sponsor’s petition letter
  • A copy of the sponsor’s passport and visa
  • Salary certificate/labour contract/memorandum of understanding
  • Overstaying documents must also be submitted

Company Sponsorship

  • Sponsor / Partner / Public Relations Officer’s original Emirates ID
  • Company petition letter with company stamp
  • Copy of applicant’s passport and visa
  • A copy of the establishment card
  • Licence for trade

Delay in Passport Issuing or Renewal

  • Letter of petition from the company, sponsor, or applicant
  • Embassy/Consulate letter stating date of submission of visa renewal application or passport application
  • visa
  • Company establishment cards and trade licenses
  • Sponsorship contract for personal services

The death of a sponsor

  • petition letter from the Sponsor or Applicant or Company with the company stamp
  • A copy of the applicant’s visa and passport
  • Sponsor’s passport copy (Family Sponsorship)
  • A company’s establishment card and trade license
  • death certificate


Overstay penalties in the UAE are important for both tourists and locals. This page offers a thorough how-to for verifying and paying online overstay fines, making sure that visa requirements are met, and averting legal issues while visiting the United Arab Emirates.


You can check overstay fines in UAE by visiting the GDRFA or ICP websites. You can view your fine details by selecting an appropriate file type, providing the required details, and solving a captcha on the GDRFA website.

Overstay fines can be paid online via ICP and GDRFA websites, in person at registered typing centres or Amer centres, or at exit points (e.g., airports, land borders, seaports).

Overstay fines can be settled in the UAE using a variety of convenient payment methods. You can pay through online payment portals, at the immigration office, or through an authorized bank. Depending on your convenience and availability, choose the method that is most convenient for you.

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