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Dubai RTA Fine Check 2024 Online

Dubai RTA Fine: The UAE’s traffic laws are stringent enough to maintain the security and safety of the nation’s roadways. Should there be any infraction, you might be fined by the RTA. The vehicle’s registered mobile number received a message from the Dubai RTA. Online payment options are available for fines. The fine information is promptly updated and sent through SMS by the Road and Transport Authority (RTA). You may quickly check your license number to see which infraction costs you money.

Here, we’ll walk you through locating the RTA fine online and paying it to stop receiving more fines. If you fail to pay the fee on time, your car may be seized and face additional legal consequences. To prevent legal action, you must pay your fine promptly. After major accidents or serious traffic violations, not many drivers are invited to appear at the RTA Department. Rest can pay an online fee without leaving the area where they risk being fined.

How to Check Dubai RTA Fine Online

You must pay your RTA fee as soon as you receive the notification that you have violated the traffic laws. By simply entering your license and traffic numbers online, you can pay your fine if you cannot visit the RTA Department. To view the fine’s specifics, go to the RTA official website, enter the information you provided, and click Proceed. To check the Dubai RTA fine, adhere to these.

  • Visit the RTA official website at
  • Click on Fine Pay on right side
  • Go through the four steps of paying the online fee: Search your fine > Review your result. Confirm> Pay

When you go through all the steps, your payment will be done. All the details of the fee and vehicle are shown in detail on the RTA official website.

How Do I Pay a Dubai RTA Fine?

Nearly everything is done online, and you can pay your Dubai RTA fine in minutes. You don’t need to visit the RTA office in person or pay with a voucher at the bank. The only people required to be physically present in the department are those who cause significant traffic violations or accidents. You can settle your traffic fine using the RTA text you received.

The several methods of paying RTA fines are covered here. 

RTA official website: By following the four easy steps listed above, you can quickly determine the status of your violation and pay your fine. 

Bank Payment: Approved banks that take payments for fines include Mashreq Bank, Dubai Islamic Bank, and Emirates NBD. 

Smart Kiosks: These self-service devices are dotted around Dubai and let you check your RTA fine history and make payments with cash or credit/debit cards. Using these, you can swiftly pay your fines. 

Dubai Police App: The Dubai Police App allows customers to pay with only one click through a smart app and receive RTA fines. 

RTA Customer Happiness Facilities: You can go directly to these facilities to pay your fine easily if you have problems paying it online.

Discount on RTA Fine

If you have any small infractions, you can receive a reduction on the RTA fine. However, note that people with a major infraction or accident are not eligible for the discount. Only drivers in Dubai and Ajman qualify for the discount service.

  • The specifics for obtaining the RTA fine reduction are as follows:
  • There is a 35% reduction in RTA fines for drivers.
  • A 35% discount will be applied if the fine is paid within 60 days of the infraction.
  • A 25% reduction will be applied to your fine if it is paid within the 60-day- to 1-year.


Go to “Fines Payment.”
After that, you’ll be redirected to page
Enter your vehicle and passport details, and then you can see your fine details.

You can get a discount on RTA by paying a fine within 60 days, up to 35%.

Leaving Dubai without paying an RTA fine may lead to a ban on driving, and you may face legal action in the UAE.

Visit the RTA official website at
Click on Fine Pay on right side of the page
Go through the four steps of paying the online fee: Search your fine > Review your result. Confirm> Pay

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